Valentine’s Day…Fake News?

I love flowers. I frequently buy them for myself, and often give them as gifts.

But not on Valentine’s Day.

I mean, what a phenomenal rip-off on a fake Hallmark holiday, right?

One Valentine’s Day I did submit to buying roses for a girlfriend (she had sent me an email link, a not so subtle hint that she wanted roses delivered to her at work so all her corporate co-workers could see she had a boyfriend) but that night at home she expressed disappointment at the meager arrangement my $75 investment provided.

Crash commercialism as a measure of devotion aside, I do love the potential of a day promoting the conscious cultivation and expression of love.

But Lucas, isn’t every day a day to cultivate and express love?


And we also benefit from a reminder to step it up and put some appreciative words on a card now and then.  Grow more love in our lives by fertilizing the love that’s already there. 

Now where I’m certain we would all benefit from a little more love fertilizer is in our expression of appreciation for ourselves. 

And if it sounds silly to even think of giving yourself a Valentine’s Day card written with at least three things you appreciate about yourself, I doubly challenge you to do it… and notice what you feel.

Here is an example to help you craft a love letter to yourself!

Dear Lucas,

One thing I appreciate about you is your sense of humor.

One thing I love about you is your commitment to eating well.

One thing I am proud of is your ability to surrender to the transformational power of vulnerability.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Today, I invite you to take a few minutes and try this exercise of appreciation for yourself.  You can only receive as much love from others as you are able to receive from yourself, so love yourself up and expand your receiving capacity!


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