Hope and Change

Having voted in every election for the past 36 years, and having paid close attention to politics my whole life, I can honestly say it seems like more is at stake next week than ever before.  Never in my lifetime has the lust for power brought such levels of mendacity, hypocrisy, and disregard of accepted norms of civility.

Power is addicted to power, and those in power always commit increasing levels of atrocity to hold onto power long after their time has past.  But we’ve been here before, and humanity always perseveres, slowly moving forward.  After all, Marie Antoinette arrogantly said: “Let them eat cake!” not long before she lost her head. 
The vibration of the collective consciousness continues to rise over time, and social progress is an unstoppable force.  The fear and anger and violence on the right is an equal and opposite reaction to the unstoppable forces of social progress coming from the left.  And just as coastal communities in the hurricane belts double down on seawalls and denial as the oceans rise, so too do the old ways of thinking hunker down in resistance to what is and what will be. 
We need to reframe and rename ourselves because we’re not the resistance, they are.  But even as the oceans inevitably rise, the tide still goes in and out, and social progress is an ebb and flow process.  Likewise, destruction must come before renewal, and we’re in the process of exposing the rot at the core of our culture, a painful and necessary prelude to the inevitable rebirth.

The only truth in life is change, and the only guarantee is this too shall pass.  Unfortunately, the change we don’t want often seems to come too fast, and the change we do want comes too slowly.  The extent of our joy or suffering in this lifetime lies in our acceptance or resistance to our experience, and our relationship to change.

Our ability to change the external political power structure is limited, and cultural change takes a long time.  However, your ability to increase your Personal Power– the quality of your personal life and the quality of your personal connections–is only limited by the clarity of your intentions, and the commitment of your attention.
Speaking to the concepts of commitment and the slow pace of change, after 10 years of percolation, in two weeks I will transform into a published author!  I am excited to announce that my new book, 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power  will be released on November 14th!

The book provides a clear guide to the simple and practical steps you can take to increase your personal power, regardless of external circumstances.  I will email you the link on 11/14 so you can get empowered at a super special release date price (as close to free as I am literally able).

In the meantime, remember to vote next Tuesday!