Ta da! My Book Launch

After 35 years as a writer—short stories, children’s stories, a novel, a novella, 5 screenplays, 100s of songs and a rock musical—today I celebrate that I am finally a published author!  My new book 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power is here!

When I began this writing journey as an undergraduate, I knew that most writers didn’t make it until their 40s or 50s.  This made sense to me, as how could one expect to have much wisdom to share without the necessary experiences of living?   And so, along with my big dreams, I had even bigger fears: how I was going to support myself while I collected those experiences…?

It’s been quite a ride from then to now, with many successes and failures, numerous re-inventions, and an ever deepening sense of humility and surrender. 

I’ve distilled some of what I’ve learned from those experiences into my first book. 

For only .99–launch day special!–I’ve made it easy for you to click below to buy your copy now, and share in my celebration.  Please buy it now to help me reach bestseller status.  Thank you so much!

Praise for 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power and Lucas Roy Lehman
“Lucas’ wide range of experience as a sexuality educator, entrepreneur, artist, and neurotransformational coach provide deep source material for his wisdom and boldness. Don’t read this book unless you’re ready for more Sex and Money and Power!”

―Sage Lavine, #1 Best-Selling Author & CEO: Women Rocking Business

“An insightful and accessible manual that inspires us to become more conscious and alive. In 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power, Lucas brings his wisdom, authenticity and experience, providing a guide for embracing practices that increase our curiosity and our capacity for authentic change.”

―Rabbi Paula Marcus Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth El