What is Tantra?

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What Is Tantra? As you may or may not know, I’ve been a certified Tantra educator since 2006 through Source Tantra, and a certified Tantra educator through Ipsalu Tantra since 2008. The word Tantra today is used quite loosely, and the word is sometimes associated with polyamory, swinging, and a variety of alternative sexual experiences and lifestyles. Without casting judgment, … Read More

Money and the Fear of Death

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I recently got re-certified as a Neurotransformational coach, which is all about the brain science of how you create the changes you want in your life. What has become increasingly clear is that “who” we are being is the key to bringing forth and sustaining positive results. My brilliant mentors Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinger have identified seven levels of … Read More

Intimacy, with myself?

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I’ve been very fortunate in love. Which isn’t to say that I got married and lived happily ever after, or that I haven’t had my share of betrayals and abandonments, heartbreaks and heartaches.  Over the last 30 years, I’ve lived and loved boldly, I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve had my share of all that love has to offer a human … Read More

What is an Intimacy Makeover?

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When you think about your past relationships, (or your current relationship if you’re frustrated with the quality of your intimacy), do you find yourself ruminating on what your partner should do, or should’ve done differently?  If only they’d been ________, or if only they would’ve done ______, then it would’ve “worked out.” Perhaps there’s even been a pattern of behavior … Read More

Valentine’s Day…Fake News?

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I love flowers. I frequently buy them for myself, and often give them as gifts. But not on Valentine’s Day. I mean, what a phenomenal rip-off on a fake Hallmark holiday, right? One Valentine’s Day I did submit to buying roses for a girlfriend (she had sent me an email link, a not so subtle hint that she wanted roses … Read More

Harvard study discovers the #1 key to a fulfilling life

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I was recently listening to a TED talk about a 75-year study by the Harvard psychology department, exploring the question of what brings the greatest happiness and satisfaction over a lifetime.  The study followed a group of undergraduate men, as well as a group of Boston area men who didn’t attend college. At the start of the study in the … Read More

Commitment or Surrender?

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A couple of weeks ago, I committed to delivering a few paragraphs of copy to my assistant for my newsletter, and two whole weeks went by without me writing a word. I didn’t have any good reasons, and not even any mediocre excuses.  I had the time.  I just didn’t do it. Why not? Now, as I often tell my … Read More

A Failed Marriage?

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The autumn days are getting shorter, but miraculously, here in Santa Cruz, the Indian Summer temperatures are actually warmer than during summertime, and I’ve been so enjoying swimming in the ocean a few more times before the water gets too cold. Maybe because the school year starts in the fall, to me, now feels like the time of new beginnings.  … Read More