Don’t Take a Deep Breath


Most people who receive my newsletter care a lot about their health.  And typically we think of good health as being mostly about eating right and getting sufficient exercise.  And while “shoulding” on ourselves for not exercising more is close to the universal self-judgment, we can go a lifetime without exercising– though it may be shorter and feel considerably less … Read More

Is Anyone Else Feeling Like a Prisoner?


Back in April, when the pandemic and Shelter-in-Place was first upon us, a friend of mine said he felt like a prisoner. Having spent eight years leading trainings in a maximum security prison, I reminded my friend—not without compassion for his frustration—that he still had the freedom to take a walk on the beach, order takeout from his favorite restaurant, … Read More

What Should You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do?


These are uncertain times, with disruptions and upheavals in all aspects of our personal, financial, social, economic, medical, political, and climate realities.  We fear how long this uncertainty will continue, and worry how bad it’s going to get before it gets better.  We’re anxious to know how soon our will lives go back to normal, and we fear what the … Read More

Why Setting Goals (MOSTLY) Doesn’t Work


It’s February, the time of year when folks who made New Years’ resolutions begin to lose their New Years’ resolve.  After only a month, those not-so-unreasonable goals– to lose 25 pounds, learn to play guitar, or double your sales from last year–have once again fallen by the wayside, deepening disappointment and reaffirming unconscious voices that whisper “Why even try?  Why … Read More

I’ve got the good cancer!


Many of my close friends and family are currently battling cancer.  Leukemia, lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma.  On a daily basis they deal with terrible  discomfort and fatigue, invasive procedures, and many, many, many trips to oncologists, testing centers, specialists, and hospitals for surgeries.  The fear and heaviness of it all ripples out across families and communities. Over the past … Read More

Highs and Lows and Highs


The day after my book launch—Amazon #1 bestseller thanks to you all!—I found out that I had an obscure form of skin cancer.  The good news is that it’s a very slow growing kind of cancer, but the bad news is that I’ve had it for over ten years!  In the immediate term it seems to be responding well to … Read More

Ta da! My Book Launch


After 35 years as a writer—short stories, children’s stories, a novel, a novella, 5 screenplays, 100s of songs and a rock musical—today I celebrate that I am finally a published author!  My new book 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power is here! When I began this writing journey as an undergraduate, I knew that most writers didn’t make … Read More

Hope and Change


Having voted in every election for the past 36 years, and having paid close attention to politics my whole life, I can honestly say it seems like more is at stake next week than ever before.  Never in my lifetime has the lust for power brought such levels of mendacity, hypocrisy, and disregard of accepted norms of civility. Power is … Read More

Money and the Fear of Death

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I recently got re-certified as a Neurotransformational coach, which is all about the brain science of how you create the changes you want in your life. What has become increasingly clear is that “who” we are being is the key to bringing forth and sustaining positive results. My brilliant mentors Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinger have identified seven levels of … Read More

Valentine’s Day…Fake News?

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I love flowers. I frequently buy them for myself, and often give them as gifts. But not on Valentine’s Day. I mean, what a phenomenal rip-off on a fake Hallmark holiday, right? One Valentine’s Day I did submit to buying roses for a girlfriend (she had sent me an email link, a not so subtle hint that she wanted roses … Read More