I know how hard it is to go out in the world every day and put a bright shiny face over an aching heart. It’s exhausting. There are some days you just can’t do it and you don’t want to do it any more.

IF you’re not satisfied with the relationships you’re attracting…
AND IF you’re ready for expert intimacy coaching from a man’s perspective…THEN Intimacy Makeover is for YOU!

Intimacy Makeover

During this program you will experience:

  • Tools to create the relationship you want
  • A safe place to release limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck
  • More love and joy in your life right now
  • Small group format for personalized attention
  • Support of an intimate community of women with shared experiences and challenges
  • Being seen and receiving unconditional love from a trustable man

The program includes:

  • Lucas Roy Lehman’s “7 Keys to Intimacy”
  • 30 Minute “Intention Setting” 1-on-1 Coaching Call
  • 60 Minute “Integration” 1-on-1 Coaching Call
  • 6 Bi-monthly Group Coaching Sessions (phone or video conference)
  • Transformative homework and reference materials


Rather than working in a group, if you want 1-on-1 coaching, Intimacy Makeover VIP exclusive “Goddess Awakened” and “Goddess Expressed” are also available. To learn which program is right for you, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

“Lucas is the most grounded, warm-hearted, visionary healer I’ve ever met. With Lucas, I feel seen and heard at a really profound and DNA-changing level. The first time he expressed his appreciation for me, I started to cry… because I had never felt so truly loved and honored by anyone, least of all a man. In fact, Luke is the first man with whom I’ve ever felt truly safe. But I’m not just talking about physical safety. I’m talking about a man who can really, deeply see you, see the truth of who you are—the beauty and brilliance of you as a whole, healthy, and Soul-full woman—and treat it with the utmost reverence and respect. Lucas is able to listen with an open heart and then guide you to find your own depths of wisdom, beauty and power. With Luke I feel cherished, which is the experience all women deserve but most of us are starving for. Because of what I’ve learned from him, I now know it is possible to experience the kind of deep, Soul-full love and intimacy I used to only dream about. For me, Lucas is the new standard for a truly conscious, courageous, and passionate man. His work is a gift.”A.S., Oakland, CA
“Dear Lucas: I want to thank you for all you gave me as we worked together. I feel a deeper opening and connection to myself, my higher self, my powerful self, and accepting of myself… You have shown me unconditional love and helped me through my own filters when I thought I was being unconditional when I really wasn’t. With your love, support and gentle guidance, I feel I have stepped into my power and the leader that I have wanted to be. Relationships on all levels have shifted and changed and I am now speaking my truth cleaner and clearer than I had in my past. I always felt I spoke my truth but working with you and the sexual side of our in person visits has shown me, how much I hadn’t come from my authentic self. I was coming from the scared little girl who just wanted to be loved and would forsake herself to please others. You are a blessing to this world and all who work with you, for you see the hidden sides and have such a beautiful way of bringing the lightness in with unconditional love, intuition, authentic truth and pure heart!”K.P., Pleasanton, CA