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Your life, by its very nature, is a growth process. And to be alive, to thrive, requires MORE.

If you’re not expanding who you are and the impact you’re having on your world, then you’re not thriving. If you’re not increasing the treasures you have and the pleasures you experience, then you’re not thriving.

Surviving, but not thriving. You know what I’m talking about it. That sinking feeling in your gut…shouldn’t there be something more?

Maybe if you had that one thing, then you’d be satisfied…

More money?

Other people have it, but you don’t because you’ve been looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place.

What you lack isn’t more money. It’s personal power.

Learn what it is and how to cultivate it.



Intimacy Makeover

Helping Women to be fully expressed and empowered in relationships.


Coaching for Men

Helping Men to gain more love, money, and adventure.


Coaching with Lucas

Helping Everyone to live inspired, passionate, and fulfilling lives.

“Lucas has a great way of rerouting the mind when it starts to eddy–he shines the light on distorted thinking and quickly turns it around in a more productive direction. He is a great listener and always gives his full presence. I always felt very seen and validated…The benefit of having worked with Luke was having someone in my life that helped me be more accountable, to set some goals, and stick to them.” Caroline W., Marin, CA
“Lucas has 100% ownership of being himself! He is direct. He uses “real” words when talking with me. Use of these words helps me know that he is being truly authentic to manhood. He keeps it real! He holds a safe container with fierce power. I feel my safest when I do my work with him… I truly enjoy our in-person and phone time. I am more in touch with my masculine energy because of my work with Lucas.”Scott M., San Francisco