Coaching with Lucas

After over 40 years as a performing musician, I have a deep understanding of the power of vibration.  Some music gets your feet tapping and your hips rocking.  Some music can move your heart and bring you to tears.  Some music can inspire visions of angels and the presence of divine spirit.

Over 100 years ago, Albert Einstein proved that matter = energy.  And since energy is vibration, in essence, we are all just vibrational beings.

Following that analogy, then, the experience of our lives—that is, the quality of our consciousness–can be compared to our ability to play music through the instrument of ourselves.  And as anyone who has ever played a musical instrument knows, the first step to playing beautiful music is to tune your instrument.

But that’s not what we do, is it?  If you’re not happy with the music of your life, you typically try to learn a new song.  You quit your job.  You get a divorce.

But if your instrument is out of tune, that new song isn’t going to sound any better.  It’s like that old cliché, wherever you go, there you are.

Or, to quote Albert: “We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

How do you raise the level of your thinking?



Many of our daily thoughts are judgments of good/bad or right/wrong in reaction to experiences in the past, or projections (often scarcity or fear-based) about what might happen in the future.  And unfortunately, what we resist, persists.

Only by witnessing and accepting what is true in this moment without judgment can we be fully present.  From this place of being with and accepting our feelings and thoughts (however unpleasant they might be) we can choose to take on new beliefs, make powerful choices, and create exciting new results.


Breath is the fundamental basis of life, the source of our spirit.  The origin of the word spirit actually comes from word inspire, or inhalation.  Expanding the quality of our breath is the most powerful way to clear a channel for divine energy to flow through us, making space for ease, joy and creativity.

After 25 years of meditation, I have developed a simple and powerful practice– “Tuning to the Key of Me”–that will transform you in just two minutes per day.


From a place of presence and connection to spirit, you can set a clear intention.  And when you give committed attention to your clear intention, energy flows and your passions and desires easily manifest in your life.


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Helping Women to be fully expressed and empowered in relationships.


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Helping Men to gain more love, money, and adventure.


Helping Everyone to live inspired, passionate, and fulfilling lives.

“Luke has a uniquely honest and balanced perspective of the world. I knew that anything I said would be met without judgment. Also, equally as important and unique: I knew he would (gently and with humor) call me on my bullshit! I learned to see my own true desires, so I could stand my ground. As a result we are moving forward and I am getting everything I wanted in love. Life is pretty sweet right now!”Rachel M., NYC
“When I first went to Luke Lehman I was at a crossroads in my life. I had dreams of starting my own business but had some self-limiting fears and saboteurs. With the tools that you learn through your coaching sessions, challenges and fears are welcomed and not avoided. I’ve been with Luke for three months, and my business is growing and thriving! Lucas Roy Lehman Coaching has had a very profound effect on me and I highly recommend trying a session. The old adage that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” will become your rallying cry. Thank you, Luke!”Mike C, Santa Cruz, CA